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How to Make Money Writing Online Aside From Online Journalism

A decade ago, journalists were extremely anxious about the increasing preference of online publications instead of the print versions. The good thing is that they have learned to adapt with technological advancement which resulted into the expansion of the newsroom and the addition of the Online News Department. But besides true-blue journalism activities on the internet, what other opportunities are there regarding how to make money writing online?

If you love writing but do not have a journalism degree from a reputable university, do not worry. You still have a job waiting for you somewhere in the vast space of the World Wide Web. There are lots of online companies needing writers, not necessarily practicing journalists-not even journalism students. All they need are average reasonable people who can write about different interesting topics. It may be an advertisement for a company or an article to be submitted in an online directory. The possibilities are endless.

So, how does it work? Where can people find sites about how to make money writing online? Actually, with just a click of the search bar, any search engines will lead you to different places that are in need of writers.

HowToDoThings.com is a website which compiles online articles about a variety of topics. Pay a visit to the website and you will be amazed at the wide scope of the articles written by people like you. Sign up and start submitting articles, it’s free anyway. And someone might just be interested in your writing style. Digg.com operates pretty much the same way.

Offers will come eventually as you build on your professional writing portfolio. There are also people who are looking for writers who want to ghostwrite for them. This is the easier way of making money out of your writing ventures. Look for people who are building their products online and are in need of people to write about these products.

SEO writing is another thing. Although it is still a writing venture, Search Engine Optimization is actually more of a technical writing job. People who want to engage in this venture must know at least a bit about programming languages, meta tags, HTML, internet algorithms and web crawlers. There’s pretty much no way you can do SEO without knowing the purpose of meta tags or web crawlers.

A word of advice for writers who are just starting out their career in web writing: you must know the ins and outs of applying for an already established company and a smaller one. With a smaller company, you might be asked to perform a wide range of tasks. Make sure that you are flexible from the get-go even before getting yourself involved with the company. If you cannot adjust to other jobs descriptions in less than a week, then you might want to consider applying for a bigger company which prioritizes a specialization of operations.

Start using these things now and find the writing career you want. Soon, you will stop asking about how to make money writing online-because you are already the one helping others find a writing opportunity online.