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Is the Internet Killing the Reading Habit?

The internet along with the TV is often cited as a medium that knocked off the reading habit, especially among youth by keeping them glued to the TV/Computer screen, when they should be reading a book. While it is true that reading as a habit has been on the decline for the past many years, it may not be right to attribute this to the internet alone. It would be more realistic to consider a host of reasons like pressure on time due to a fast life style, changing priorities and so on as having had a negative impact on the habit of reading. Again it would be unfair to put the internet on the same platform as the TV since the latter is primarily a fun and entertainment medium while the internet is a rich source of information and knowledge. According to research data available on reading patterns, the internet could actually be credited for having kept the reading habit alive and enhancing reading volumes among youth in the midst of a fast paced life.

The internet has merely changed the pattern of reading from a book to reading online. Today it is possible to harvest a whole lot of information on the internet in a short span of time aided by powerful search engines, an effort which would have taken months and several visits to the library to get hold of. Search engines compile news that they gather from varied sources and provide the browser with critical information and knowledge by the click of the mouse. An evidence of the popularity of the internet can be gauged by the boost that online newspapers brought to sagging newspapers circulation around the world. In a fast world readers found it more convenient to read news off their laptops while waiting in the airport or hotel lobby rather than in the comfort of their armchairs.

In today’s scenario we can safely assume that if someone was not reading off the computer screen then the chances are that he would not be reading at all. Given these hard facts we can conclude that the internet contrary to criticism has actually helped in enhancing the reading habit in a fast world through its convenience and speed.